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Church and Society Commission

The Church of Ireland Church and Society Commission (CASC) was established by General Synod in 2013 as a successor to the Board for Social Theology in Action and the Church in Society Committee.

The mission of CASC is to provide oversight and direction of the Church’s work in respect of social theology in action.  As such, it seeks to undertake the following functions:

  • To  be  proactive  in seeking  to  identify,  contribute  to,  challenge,  encourage  and  develop areas of living today where the mission of the Church can be active and the love of God shared.  To do this through the publication of reports, the development of appropriate resource materials, the identification and communication of good practice, and the implementation  of  projects  that  apply  theological  perspectives  to  Christian living.
    • To seek to be reactive in order to provide a relevant response to consultation documents, public statements, policy debates, research and reports, and social issues in everyday living.

    In order to further these two functions, the Commission seeks relationships with other groups within and beyond the Church of Ireland.  It may also be appropriate from time to time for the Commission to refer matters to other bodies in the Church of Ireland.

    The Commission’s area of interest includes (but is not limited to) health and social care, medical ethics, public policy, political issues, poverty, family support, and the environment. 

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