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Synod 2019

Day 2

Day 2

Friday 17th MayProvisional Timetable (subject to alteration)

10am – 12noon
Reading from Holy Scripture and Prayer
Formal business and communications
Report of the Representative Church Body (not more than 2 hours, inclusive of related motions)
(Including reports of the Church of Ireland Clergy Pensions Trustee DAC and the Church of Ireland Pensions Board)
Motion No. 5 – Allocations
Motion No. 6 – Pensions Board Membership
Motion No. 7 – General Data Protection Regulations

12noon–12.15pm – Coffee break

Commission for Christian Unity and Dialogue (45 mins)
Motion No. 8 – Membership

1pm–2pm – Lunch

Answers to requests for information (if any) (SO 51)
Report of the Standing Committee (not more than 2 hours)
Motion No. 9 – Central Communications Board (terms of reference)

4pm–4.15pm – Coffee break

General Synod Representation
Motion No. 10 – General Synod Representation (Report)
Motion No. 11 – General Synod Representation (Information to Diocesan Synods)

Liturgical Advisory Committee (30 mins)
Motion No. 12 – Membership
Church of Ireland Marriage Council (30 mins)
Covenant Council (30 mins)
Motion No. 13 – Membership
Motion No. 14 – John Wesley Day


If business listed for any period is completed before the hour appointed, reports listed for Saturday afternoon will be taken in reverse order, commencing with Commission on Ministry. References in this motion to a “report” shall include any motions accompanying such report on the agenda paper.