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Synod 2017

Day 3
The General Synod
of the Church of Ireland

Day 3

Saturday 6th May – Provisional Timetable (subject to alteration)

10.00am – 1.00pm

Reading from Holy Scripture and Prayer
Formal business and communications
Bills No. 1 to 7: Further stage as ordered on the first day
Commission for Christian Unity and Dialogue (1 hr)
Covenant Council (20 mins)
Motion No. 13 (Covenant Council – membership)
Motion No. 14 (Covenant Council – John Wesley Day)
Children’s Ministry Network and CIYD (1 hr mins)

2.00pm – 4.30pm

Answers to requests for information (if any) (SO 51)
Commission on Ministry
(Commission on Ministry – Feasibility Study)
Motion No. 15 (Journal of the General Synod) (not more than 5 minutes)
At 4.25pm any outstanding items will be put from the Chair without debate.

If business listed for any period is completed before the hour appointed, reports listed for Saturday afternoon will be taken in reverse order, commencing with the Commission on Ministry. References in this motion to a “report” shall include any motions accompanying such report on the agenda paper.