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Synod 2017

Day 1
The General Synod
of the Church of Ireland

Day 1

Thursday 4th May – Provisional Timetable (subject to alteration)

12.00am – 1.00pm

President takes the chair
Reading from Holy Scripture and Prayer
List of members of the General Synod to be laid on the table
Nomination of an Assessor by the President
President’s Address
Welcome of official Guests
Election of Honorary Secretary
Motion No. 1 (Timetable)
Motion No. 2 (Standing Orders)
Formal business and communications

2.00pm – 3.20pm

Answers to requests for information (if any) (SO 51)
Report of the Bills Committee
Bills No. 1 to 7, incl. special bills (1 hr)
Liturgical Advisory Committee (15 mins)
Motion No. 3 (Liturgical Advisory Committee – Special Resolution)
Motion No. 4 (Liturgical Advisory Committee – Special Resolution)
Motion No. 5 (Liturgical Advisory Committee – Special Resolution)
Motion No. 6 (Liturgical Advisory Committee – Special Resolution)

3.25pm – 3.55pm – Coffee Break

4.00pm – 6.30pm

Church of Ireland Marriage Council (20 mins)
Report of the Standing Committee (not more than 2 hours)
Motion No. 7 (Facilitation Committee)
Motion No. 8 (Inter–Diocesan Conversations)

If business listed for any period is completed before the hour appointed, reports listed for Saturday afternoon will be taken in reverse order, commencing with the Commission on Ministry. References in this motion to a “report” shall include any motions accompanying such report on the agenda paper.