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Copyright and online worship

Streamed services have been widely used as a result of the pandemic lockdown and will continue to play a role in making worship widely available in future. The guide provided below provides answers to some frequently asked questions:

  • What is streaming?
  • What are the most important overall priorities to consider for online worship?
  • What is copyright?
  • How can a parish organise a simple service without needing to seek copyright permission?
  • How can we use a performance of music as part of an online service?
  • What safeguarding guidelines should be followed for child musicians?
  • What licences will we need?
  • What about music from CDs or the internet?
  • How do I place an online service on a church website?


Guidance on responding to takedown notices from YouTube is available in an article at this link.  Parishes which have followed copyright guidance and obtained all relevant licences are encouraged to dispute takedown notices to avoid the potential for the removal of videos and channels.

For all resources for online services and audio–visual content, please click here.

If a copyright issue has arisen or if you have a query about any aspect of this advice, please contact the Church of Ireland Press Office at press@ireland.anglican.org