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Avoiding advertising and external content

It is strongly recommended that online videos are hosted on an advertisement–free hosting site such as Vimeo. Posting videos directly into Facebook or YouTube will mean that there will be other videos (many of questionable content) sitting alongside your video, which may play before it begins or when it finishes.

Having a Vimeo account, ideally at diocesan level which all parishes in the diocese can avail of, can be a cost–effective solution.

A video can be recorded as usual on any device and then uploaded to Vimeo. A link is then produced which can be posted into a Facebook post. This ensures that when the viewer clicks on the Facebook post, they are routed to your Vimeo channel, where they will find only videos uploaded to that account instead of videos from external sources.

The link can also be sent by email or text message (including by WhatsApp) to parishioners who do not use Facebook. An embed code can also be produced in Vimeo for embedding the video in a parish or diocesan website.

For all guidance resources for online content, please click here.

If you have a query about any aspect of this guidance, please contact the Church of Ireland Press Office at press@ireland.anglican.org