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Summary of resolutions passed at General Synod

The General Synod is the supreme legislative body for the Church of Ireland. Proposals are submitted as motions which, if approved, become resolutions.

The listing refers to resolutions on policy issues adopted by General Synod from 1960 onwards. Information is sourced from the Journals of General Synod. Resolutions which relate directly to liturgy and procedure are not included (e.g. the passage of legislation and the memberships of General Synod and related committees).

More information on the work of General Synod, including online archives from 2001 onwards, is available at https://synod.ireland.anglican.org

For ease of use, resolutions are categorised as internal where they relate to matters within the Church of Ireland or relations between the Church and other Christian Churches, and external where they relate to other matters, including public policy and relations with government.