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Tax Effective Giving (RoI)

Changes to the tax relief on donations to charities effective from 1st January 2013. 

Key Features of the Revised Scheme:The changes summarised below only apply to qualifying donations to eligible charities and approved bodies from 1st January 2013 – all previous donations up to and including the 31st December 2012 are still subject to the old rules.

The tax refund for donations from all donors regardless of their tax status (PAYE or Self–assessed) will now go to the charity in all cases at a blended rate of 31%. Charities no longer need to ask donors about their tax affairs. The only reason that a refund claim will be rejected is if the donor has not paid sufficient tax in the relevant year to cover the reclaim or inaccurate details have been supplied.

The qualifying donation threshold remains at €250.

The tax relief will now be given at a blended rate of 31% regardless of the rate of tax paid by the donor and this will be on a grossed up basis.

To download an explanatory leaflet, please click here.