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Covid–19: Worship and copyright

The Church provides resources to support congregations which have limited access to musicians through the provision of Recorded Church Music, which includes many of the hymns from the Church Hymnal.  If this may be helpful for your parish, please contact Canon Peter Thompson at donaghmore@armagh.anglican.org 

Christian Copyright Licensing International (CCLI) provides information on the copyright status of many hymns and songs, including contemporary Christian music.  Visit its SongSelect® website to check whether the music you plan to use is listed in this way: https://songselect.ccli.com

One License covers an additional range of church and choral music which has not been listed with CCLI, including from the Taizé Community, Oregon Catholic Press, Oxford University Press, and the Wild Goose Resource Group.

Where music is not covered by CCLI or One License, permission should be sought directly from the copyright holder, marked © in any description of copyright.

Streaming licences

This form of copyright licence allows parishes to record performances of worship music (listed by CCLI) and broadcast services which feature this music on their social media platforms – as well as displaying lyrics for hymns and songs.  Streaming licences are available from:

CCLI UK – for Northern Ireland
Web: https://uk.ccli.com/streaming

CCLI Ireland – for the Republic of Ireland
Web: https://ie.ccli.com/streaming

CCLI can be contacted through its online email form

Online music licences

A parish will also require an online music licence if a streamed service which includes hymns or songs, from any source, is hosted on its website.  This is because a website has been designed to present information to the public whereas social media platforms have been developed for personal use.  Online music licences are available from:

PRS for Music – for Northern Ireland
Web: www.prsformusic.com
Click here for online email form

IMRO – for the Republic of Ireland
Web: www.imro.ie
Email: licensing@imro.ie

For all guidance resources for online content, please click here.

If you have a query about any aspect of this guidance, please contact the Church of Ireland Press Office at press@ireland.anglican.org