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Church of Ireland Social Media Guidance

Social media offers a wide range of opportunities for people to connect creatively and positively with others and share stories about Church life and the Christian faith as a whole. At the same time, the nature of social media means that it is important to think about how we can communicate in this way and to manage the risks which can arise.  The documents listed below are provided to help members of the Church to use social media well, whether in organising an online service or ministry, or in everyday life.

The Church’s Social Media & Digital Communications Guidelines cover good personal behaviour and highlight the importance of safeguarding, responsibility and courtesy to others.

The Church of Ireland Safeguarding Board has provided guidance on Social Media & Video Conferencing with Young People.  Further information on child and adult safeguarding, in relation to photography and the internet, is available at the following links:

Safeguarding Trust (NI) – Working Safely with Children

Safeguarding Trust (RI) – Working Safely with Children

Adult Safeguarding (NI) – Safer Practice when Working with Adults at Risk

Adult Safeguarding (RI) – Safer Practice when Working with Vulnerable Persons

The Live Streaming & Recording Checklist, Data Protection & Photography Guidelines, and Data Protection & Mailing Lists Guidelines seek to help parishes in meeting their responsibilities under data protection legislation – and include how to seek consent from people who may be photographed or filmed as part of the production of online content.

Guidance for online services, reflections and other online content (including video conferencing) has also been developed to assist parishes.  This will be regularly updated and is available here.

If you have a query about any aspect of social media policy, please contact the Church of Ireland Press Office at press@ireland.anglican.org