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Enrichment & Support for married life

Enrichment & Support for married life

Building a healthy marriage is truly a lifelong investment, and therefore that is why finding time to talk together about ways to increase the joy of your marriage is important. You don’t need to have a bad marriage to think about marriage enrichment. You can have a great relationship, but still, make some changes that will make life together even richer. Talk to your minister to find out if there are resources available for you, or events in your area that may be of help.

It is also good to know where to turn to if there are issues in your marriage that seem impossible to resolve together. The Marriage Council is here to signpost people to Counselling Services both in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland. The following list are accredited counselling services which the Marriage Council have endorsed.

Whilst the Marriage Council has no control concerning how counsellors charge for these services, please contact your minister who may enquire about financial support through funds available to the Marriage Council.

Area           Details (Name, contact details, website)
Dublin        Nadine Brooker
Tel : 085 7467638   email : nadinebrooker@hotmail.com

                  Brian Griffin
                  Tel : 086 3751327   email : brian@counsellingforcouples.ie
                  website : www.counsellingforcouples.ie 

                  Dianne Morris
                  Tel : 086 2566895   email : gdiannemorris@gmail.com

Cork           Sylvia Helen
                    Tel : 086 2566895   email : sylviahelen@gmail.com

Coleraine     Ali Knight
                    Tel : 07817 884917   email : aliannknight@aol.com

Belfast        Lynne Heber
                   Tel : 07787 803343  email : lynneheber@gmail.com

Co. Down      Christian Guidelines
Fermanagh   Tel : 028 9146 8846  email : admin@cguidelines.org.uk
Tyrone.         website : www.christianguidelines.org

Co. Armagh   Care in Crisis
                      Tel :028 3832 9900  email : office@careincrisis.org.uk
                      website : www.careincrisis.org.uk


Additional counsellors may come onboard from time to time. If you live in a location that is not covered by counsellors, please contact Aisling Sheridan at Aisling.Sheridan@rcbdub.org