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Supporting our children as schools re–start

Photo credit: Andrew Ebrahim/Unsplash
Photo credit: Andrew Ebrahim/Unsplash

‘Starting school again in autumn is always a time of change, new teachers, new subjects, new routines, exams, perhaps a new school.  How much more is this true in 2020?’

In an article first published in the Church of Ireland Gazette, Peter Hamill and Robert Dunne highlight some ways in which we can help to support children at this time as the new school year begins.  Please click here to read more and feel free to share this with anyone for whom it may be useful.

Board of Education (NI)

The Board of Education (Northern Ireland) represents the Church of Ireland in all educational matters affecting Northern Ireland and nominates representatives of the Church to any education body as required, including the Transferor Representatives’ Council, the Education Authority, and the Controlled Schools’ Support Council.

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