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RTÉ Sunday worship from St Columba’s, West Clare

The Revd Kevin O’Brien, the Rector of Ennis with Spanish Point and Kilnasoolagh, was recently asked by RTÉ to produce a Service broadcast on RTÉ News Now on Sunday 19th July at 2pm.

Mr O’Brien has been producing Services every Sunday on YouTube during the lockdown and will continue to do so even though churches are beginning to reopen. These can be seen on www.clareanglicans.ie

Mr O’Brien said, “Our online services have been watched by a large number of viewers both in West Clare and much further afield and we feel it is important to continue them even though our churches are reopening, especially to help those people who do not feel ready yet to attend in person. Also, we see online participation as a new and growing way of many people 'going to church' into the future - we want to be there for them."

“We are grateful to RTÉ for giving us the opportunity to widen our number of worshippers still further by broadcasting it on RTÉ News Now.”

The Service was broadcast on RTÉ News Now on Sunday 19th July at 2pm - a Service of Morning Prayer for the 6th Sunday after Trinity. It was led by Kevin who also preached. Members of the three churches were involved in providing readings and prayers. The service was introduced by the church organist Nigel Bridge, playing a piece of music of his own composition. The programme ended with a traditional piper playing Easter Snow.