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The Big DDYC Camp Out is a big success!

With Summer Madness unable to go ahead because of the coronavirus pandemic, on Friday evening 26 June, DDYC brought Summer Madness to our young people with The Big DDYC Camp Out.

The Big DDYC Camp Out is a big success!
The Big DDYC Camp Out is a big success!

"We had loads of engagement across the diocese, from individuals to groups," said our Youth Development Officer, Tim Burns. "It also reached beyond the diocese to Armagh and Connor and some Presbyterian groups joined in too.

"A massive thank you to everyone who helped put it all together - the worship, sound, our speakers, the filming and editing. Everyone was so willing to help and pull together and be properly excited about it.

"We are missing Summer Madness this year, and thank you to them for what they have done over 30 years to create a festival that means so much to people. It was a pleasure to, in some small way, support them and to help continue in a very different year what they have been doing consistently for so long. A special mention to John Kee for his generosity in it all."

Pictured above is a group from JIMS Youth Centre, Kilkeel