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Sunday 29th March ~ Sunday Worship in Cork, Cloyne and Ross and other options

While church buildings are closed at the moment, worship continues in our homes, parishes and chaplaincies.

In many parishes, materials are being sent directly to parishioners by email and, in some cases, by post.  This includes information received to date from: Douglas Union with Frankfield, Ross Union, Kinsale Union, and Templebreedy Group.

For information about your own area please contact the local clergy here.

Some parishes are sending out activity sheets for children of Sunday School age.

The Service from Kilgariffe Union will be available as a podcast after Sunday Morning (along with links to podcasts of Services on earlier dates) here.

Bishop Colton said: ‘Thank you to everyone.  People, lay and ordained, are going to extraordinary and imaginative lengths, to be the Church.  In these difficult times we are discovering that the Church is not, in fact, our buildings which now, of necessity, are closed.  It is the people of God responding in faith, hope and love, in worship and prayer, and in loving service to one another, to the needs of people around them and further afield.’

A listing of broadcast and online services is available at http://cork.anglican.org/worship-with-us-online