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Council for Mission holds its first meeting - 8th December 2004

The first meeting of the Church of Ireland Council for Mission, chaired by Bishop Harold Miller, was held on 8th December 2004 at Church House in Dublin.

Among its five key areas of initial focus are plans to look at the value of short-term mission projects, mission-orientated leadership and models of emerging church. The Council is also anxious to work in partnership with other church bodies and to emphasize the value of mission exchange visits. A dialogue with members of the Theological College community and others responsible for theological training will be sought.

Canon Kathleen Browne has been nominated by the Council to attend the WCC Conference on Healing and Reconciliation in May as the Church of Ireland Representative. Kathleen?s experience of parish ministry in inner-city Belfast will certainly be a valuable element of the Church of Ireland contribution.

Rev Paul Hoey, Secretary to the Council, was positive about its future. "From our very first meeting it was obvious that there is going to be a sense of energy and movement in the new Mission Council?, he said. ?The issues we placed at the top of the agenda were ones that go right to the heart of the church's needs in the 21st century - visionary leadership (shared together as ordained and lay), fresh ways of doing church (learning from churches in other parts of the world) and the challenge of engaging different groups in a multi-cultural society with the Christian message. Personally speaking, I'm excited about what lies ahead. I think that this will be a Committee that makes a real difference."