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Central Communications Board - 8th February 2005

At a recent meeting of the Central Communications Board the Bishop of Connor, Rt Revd AET Harper, congratulated Revd Dr Alan McCormack on his appointment to the Chair of the RTE Audience Council. Dr McCormack is Chaplain at Trinity College Dublin and Honorary Secretary of the Broadcasting Committee. The Bishop said that he was delighted that the hard work of Dr McCormack in this area was being acknowledged and that the appointment was a positive step for the Church of Ireland as a whole.

It was reported the OFCOM is now at the end of its major public service broadcasting consultation. All the comments submitted by the Broadcasting Committee can be viewed on the main Church of Ireland website www.ireland.anglican.org. OFCOM is now entering its third phase of consultation and is due to make its recommendations on the future of public service broadcasting soon.

The Archbishop of Dublin hosted a dinner for all senior RTE personnel on Tuesday 8th February 2005. This was well attended and the group discussed matters regarding the relationship between the churches and the broadcasting media.