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Timetable for Camino de Glendalough 2018 announced

The timetable for the 2018 Diocesan Camino de Glendalough has been announced. The walks will take place on Sunday September 9. The Camino follows the 30km route along St Kevin’s Way from Hollywood in West Wicklow to Glendalough and participants are welcome to undertake the full walk, which takes around six hours, or join the route along the way for shorter pilgrimages.

The day gets underway with a pilgrim blessing during a service of Holy Communion in St Kevin’s Church in Hollywood at 9.00 am. Pilgrims undertaking the full route will be sent out from this service. A service of Holy Communion will take place in St John’s Church, Laragh, at 9.30 am.

There will be a bus to bring pilgrims planning to walk from the Wicklow Gap to Glendalough or other shorter routes departing from St John’s, Laragh, at intervals during the day. Transport will also be available to bring pilgrims back to Hollywood and Laragh after the concluding service which takes place at the Upper Lake in Glendalough at 5.00pm.

The Camino de Glendalough is one of the Celtic Camino routes which can be counted towards the completion of the Camino de Santiago. Those intending to walk the Camino de Santiago who have Camino passports can get them stamped in St Kevin’s Church in Hollywood and at the end of the walk in Glendalough.

The day will conclude with a short service of thanksgiving and prayer at the Upper Lake in Glendalough at 5pm.

Updates will be available on the Dublin & Glendalough website at dublin.anglican.org/about–us/camino–de–glendalough or the Dublin & Glendalough Facebook page.

The timetable for the Camino de Glendalough 2018 is:

9:00 am: St Kevin’s Church, Hollywood – Pilgrims intending to complete the full St. Kevin’s Way of 30km will be sent out with a blessing following a short time of prayer and a service of Holy Communion. Please note that the walk is expected to take approximately six hours.

9:30am: St John’s Church, Laragh – Service of Holy Communion

10:30am: Pilgrims planning to walk from either Wicklow Gap or around Glendalough, are invited to make their way to St John’s Church, Laragh. A minibus will be on hand to take people to Wicklow Gap. Also, if needed, the minibus will drop people to the Holy City.

11:00am, 12 midday, 1.00pm and 2.00pm: St. John’s Church, Laragh – A minibus will take pilgrims to Wicklow Gap, where they will be able to take a two–hour walk back to Glendalough along St Kevin’s Way.

5.00pm: Upper Lake, Glendalough – Pilgrims are invited to gather for an outdoor service of thanksgiving and prayer. A minibus will be available to take pilgrims back to Hollywood after this service.

Please feel free to join at any time throughout the day. The key aim is to be at the Upper Lake at 5.00pm. The minibus will be available to transport people from Laragh to Glendalough throughout the day.