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Day 3

Report of the Covenant Council Presented To Synod

The Revd Barry Forde proposed the report of the Covenant Council. He said the council was continuing to give motion to the Covenant with the Methodist Church in Ireland. He noted the growing development of partnerships.

The Covenant Council has noticed limitations, he said that in some areas of the island there was little presence of the Methodist Church. He suggested that they look at interchangeability on an ad hoc basis, for example in holiday cover.

He said the Covenant Council would welcome a more enhanced and engaging relationship with the Presbyterian Church.

Joc Sanders (Killaloe) spoke to the report about the implementation of interchangeability. He said he was disappointed that they were not yet in a position to have protocols in place to facilitate interchangeability.

A motion was passed that the following be elected as Church of Ireland representatives on the Covenant Council for the coming year:

The Rt Revd. Alan Abernethy, Bishop of Connor (Co–Chair)

Ms Elva Byrne

Very Revd. Nigel Dunne

Revd. Canon Dr Maurice Elliott

Revd. Barry Forde

Mr. Harold Giboney

Revd. Dr Peter Thompson

A second motion that General Synod continues to encourage congregations to celebrate the Covenant relationship with neighbouring Methodist congregations on or around John Wesley Day, 24th May, each year was also passed.