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‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Prayer, 10–20 May in Armagh Diocese

‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Prayer, 10–20 May in Armagh Diocese

The ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative was begun a couple of years ago by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Archbishop Justin Welby. Through it, Christians are called to give special time and attention to prayer during the ten days between Ascension Day and Pentecost, praying that God’s Kingdom might become ever more apparent and that His loving will might be done on Earth.

What began as a Church of England proposal rapidly spread to other Christian traditions in the UK and then to other countries. This year, the Archbishop of Armagh, Archbishop Richard Clarke, has asked that churches in Armagh Diocese might take on the initiative, and indeed he has the encouragement of the other bishops in the Church of Ireland to encourage it to become a feature of Christian activity across the Church of Ireland.

Archbishop Clarke has requested that clergy would consider opening their parish church (or one of them if part of a group of parishes) for a period each weekday for prayer, perhaps for 20 minutes or half an hour. It might be liturgical prayer, non–liturgical prayer or silence. It could be at any time of the day or evening. If the time is announced, parishioners who cannot be there might well be joining clergy in prayer for the world and the extension of God’s Kingdom. Archbishop Clarke says, ‘Christians throughout the world will be giving special attention to prayer during these days. And never doubt the power of prayer.’

Ascension Day this year is on Thursday, 10 May, which coincides with the opening of the General Synod meeting in Armagh at which the Archbishop of Armagh will also draw attention to the ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ initiative. For further information and resources on planning and communicating the initiative, see: www.thykingdomcome.global