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Jars4Journeys: the story so far

Jars4Journeys: the story so far

As Lent continues, interest is growing in the Jars4Journeys initiative promoted by Bishops’ Appeal, the Representative Church Body and Eco–Congregation Ireland. The idea is to invite people to save an old jam jar (or another recyclable container) and to put money in it every time they travel using a vehicle powered by fossil fuels to offset the carbon footprint of that journey. The money raised will go towards three conservation projects around the world that support and help build resilience in the communities most affected by climate change.

In this interview with Soul Waves, Bishops’ Appeal Education Advisor Lydia Monds highlights how the idea came about and how it’s motivating people to give of what they have this Lent to serve and support others facing the challenge of climate change. To find out more, check out the Jars4Journeys page on the Bishops’ Appeal website.

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Bishops’ Appeal is the Church of Ireland’s World Aid and Development Programme. It was set up by the Bishops of the Church in response to the commands in the Bible to bring good news to the poor and relief to the suffering.

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