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Jasper Rutherford gives presentation on ‘Finding Faith in Ireland’ Barna Report to the Church’s Central Communications Board

Bishop Pat Storey, Chairman of the Church of Ireland’s Central Communications Board (CCB), welcomed Mr Jasper Rutherford, European Director of the organization Christ in Youth (CIY), to the January meeting of the CCB to give a presentation on a recent report by the research group Barna on the shifting spiritual landscape of teens and young adults (aged 14–25) in the Republic of Ireland.

Jasper, until recently a Church Army Captain who has been involved with youth work in the Church of Ireland and in a variety of settings, described the recent Report entitled ‘Finding Faith in Ireland’ as ‘a gift from Barna to the Churches in Ireland to help inform them’. He stressed that the report is about findings rather than causality. Among other things, Jasper stressed the value of reverse mentoring – hearing what young people are saying – and he challenged the Churches to ask themselves ‘who is reaching our young people?’

The report should be helpful and of interest at parish, diocesan and organisational levels. For further information on the report, see: https://resources.barna.org/products/finding-faith-in-ireland