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An invitation to remember as first peal is rung on Sam Maguire Community Bells in Dunmanway

The first peal attempt on the recently installed Sam Maguire Community Bells in St Mary’s Church, Dunmanway, County Cork, will take place on Sunday coming, 12th November, beginning at 2.30pm. It is also Remembrance Sunday.

Olive tree at St Mary's Church, Dunmanway.
Olive tree at St Mary's Church, Dunmanway.

While this peal is being rung, there is an open invitation to people to come along to St Mary’s Church in Dunmanway, between 2.30pm and 5pm to listen to the bells, and to remember anyone from their family or from their community who served in or suffered as a result of any conflict or war. People will be able to write the name of the person being remembered on a stone, and it may be placed at the base of an Olive Tree (symbol of peace) outside the Church. It doesn’t matter who the person was or for whom they served, just that they are remembered for their contribution towards freedom and justice in our world and in our country.

A peal is the ringing of all the possible combinations on seven bells, with the eighth bell sounding a steady beat at the end of each round. The peal will take about two and a half hours and will have 5,040 different combinations of bells rung.