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Her Majesty’s Lord Lieutenant visits Connor’s Connect Base

Bishop Alan Abernethy welcomes Her Majesty’s Lord–Lieutenant for the County Borough of Belfast, Mrs Fionnuala Jay–O’Boyle, to Connect Base.
Bishop Alan Abernethy welcomes Her Majesty’s Lord–Lieutenant for the County Borough of Belfast, Mrs Fionnuala Jay–O’Boyle, to Connect Base.

Her Majesty’s Lord–Lieutenant for the County Borough of Belfast, Mrs Fionnuala Jay–O’Boyle CBE, visited Connor’s North Belfast Centre of Mission, Connect Base, on October 26.

Mrs O’Boyle, who was invited by the Bishop of Connor, the Rt Rev Alan Abernethy, was accompanied by her Deputy Lieutenants.

The evening was organised to give Mrs Jay O’Boyle and the Lieutenancy an insight into the work being carried out to benefit the local area at Connect Base.

Welcoming the guests, Bishop Abernethy said the Centre of Mission was all about connecting churches and the people of a local area, and offered a model for parishes to be part of the community.

Mr Trevor Douglas, Diocesan Development Officer, gave a presentation introducing the work of the Connect Base, showing a film highlighting the challenges people in this part of Belfast faced. He said the Diocese’s response to these challenges had mission at its heart, and was built on reconciliation, outreach and community.

He explained that the Centre of Mission for North and Mid Belfast, based in the Spectrum Centre in Shankill Road, was run by Connor Diocese in partnership with Church Army.

It aims are to support existing clergy, build relationships and develop new partnerships in the diocese, resource the local church, train and encourage new Christian leaders and replicate this model in other parts of the diocese.

Mr Douglas said that the Centre of Mission was working with other agencies, namely TLG (Transforming Lives for Good), CAP (Christians Against Poverty), and Baby basics.

Jill Hamilton, Diocesan Children’s Officer, said that through Baby basics, connections had been established with health professionals. She explained that parishes signed up to a four week challenge, providing items for Moses baskets which are given to mums of new babies. The visitors were shown made up baskets, and heard stories of what the support of Baby basics has meant to some families.

Stephen Whitten, Church Army Evangelist, highlighted the TLG programme, which is early intervention for upper primary school children at risk of being excluded from school. The project is partnering with Mulvern Primary School, and six trained coaches are now meeting a child for an hour a week for a year.

Mr Whitten said: “Education is a major issue for young people in the area, particularly in working class loyalist areas where the devaluing of education is part of the culture.” He said it was hoped this project would grow and expand.

Mrs Hamilton outlined the work of the CAP project in the area, which is aiming to tackle the root causes of debt. There is a CAP Job Club already operating in St Michael’s Parish, and a CAP Life Skills course due to get underway in St Matthew’s in January. Mr Whitten and his Church Army colleague Karen Webb are involved in the CAP Befriending scheme.

Summing up, Mr Douglas said the Centre of Mission would continue to build on its partnerships, to serve the community and do mission. It will explore the possibility of acquiring its own building, possibly through restoring or rebirthing an old church, and will continue to be a safe place and a centre of help for all.

Thanking the team members for their presentation, Bishop Abernethy commented: “Too many people come to this area to fix it. We just want to be here by our presence.” Following the presentation, the members of the Lieutenancy had the opportunity to ask questions.

  • Bishop Alan Abernethy speaks to members of the Lieutenancy of Belfast during their visit to Connor’s Centre of Mission, Connect Base.
  • Connor Diocesan Development Officer Trevor Douglas addresses guests during the visit of the Belfast Lieutenancy to Connect Base.

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