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Saint Patrick’s Cathedral to host three–day ecumenical programme for youth

St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.
St Patrick’s Cathedral, Dublin.

From 19–21 June, 2017, Saint Patrick’s Cathedral will host “Cherished Equally: An Ecumenical Exploration of Identity, Stereotyping, and Reconciliation.”

The programme, a join initiative between Saint Patrick’s Cathedral and the Department of Foreign Affairs, will bring youth aged 15–18 from across the island of Ireland to participate in workshops and social activities. Highlights include a sports event facilitated by Ken McCue from Sports Against Racism Ireland involving a local Community Garda Team and a traditional music workshop at the Cobblestone, Smithfield.

Participants in “Cherished Equally” reflect a diverse range of national identities, including half from Northern Ireland, a quarter from Dublin 8, and a quarter international youth currently living in Direct Provision. They have been invited on the basis of their involvement in youth programmes and on the potential for them to become youth ambassadors.

Speaking about the programme, Kelley Bermingham, Community Officer, said, “The age group that ‘Cherished Equally’ targets, 15–18, is often excluded from formal conversations about national and religious identity. This is an opportunity for their voices to be heard while they also develop leadership skills.”

Cherished Equally is part of Saint Patrick’s Cathedral’s community engagement initiatives, including regional outreach to rural parishes, strategic support of not–for–profits in the greater Dublin area, and strategies to improve the quality of life for people living in its environs.

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