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Liturgical Advisory Committee News, May 2009

The Liturgical Advisory Committee met in Church of Ireland House Dublin on May 20th, when a variety of subjects were discussed, many of which will form the agenda for future meetings.

The motion having been passed at General Synod on the Use of Liturgical Space Green Paper, consideration was given as to how best obtain opinions and responses from individuals, Diocesan Councils and Select Vestries. It was agreed that the DLO’s be asked to obtain feedback from their respective Dioceses, as well as inviting responses via the Church of Ireland Gazette. Those who have not seen the Green Paper and would like to do so (and comment on it) are asked to do so by clicking here.

There was also discussion about the forthcoming “Singing Psalms – Year C”, for which the anticipated publication date is late September. The Committee also hopes to have MP3 files of some of the Psalms available on the Worship website in the very near future.

The Revd. Dr. Maria Jansson gave a report on the recent meeting of the Association of Irish Liturgists held in the National Centre for Liturgy in Maynooth, which she attended on behalf of the LAC. Further information can be found at www.liturgy-ireland.ie.

The LAC was asked to consider a letter received via the House of Bishops relating to hygiene at Holy Communion in the event of a global epidemic. Advice is to be taken at the next meeting before a considered response is made.

Among the other topics discussed and highlighted for consideration at the next two meetings were: Eucharistic prayers for use with children; Holy Week and Easter resources for use in a Church of Ireland context; Hymnody, post-Church Hymnal Fifth Edition; Liturgical Use of Oils; Liturgy as Theatre; Informal worship; Further development of the Worship website.

The date of the next meeting is September 17th in Church of Ireland House, Dublin. 

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