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Liturgical Advisory Committee News November 2008

The most recent meeting of the LAC was the residential meeting which took place on November 11th and 12th. The first day's agenda saw the Committee reviewing the two completed works which have been published through Columba Press: "Celebrating Communion" and "Singing Psalms - Responsorial Psalms set to Simple Chants".

Whilst "Celebrating Communion" was launched at General Synod earlier this year, there was concern that it may not have received sufficient publicity at parish level. Since it is a parish-based adult education programme, a publicity notice is to be sent to all clergy encouraging them to consider this 5 week course in their adult education programme, and especially as a possibility for Lent groups in 2009. Packs of 10 participants and 1 leader's handbook are available from the Sunday School Resource Centre Bookshop,  and the Good News Bookshop, Belfast.

The finished publication of "Singing Psalms" was presented to members. To be launched in Dublin and Armagh Dioceses, this resource offers to those parishes with a good choral tradition an alternative way of singing the psalms to that of the traditional Anglican Chant. To those parishes with no choral tradition (and possibly no organist) it offers varied ways in which the psalms might be sung again. Composers Alison Cadden and Revd. Peter Thompson were once again commended for their work.

The final item to be reviewed (and approved) was the new Worship Page for the Church of Ireland Website. Robert Ferris presented the work done by the Electronic Liturgy Group in bringing the first stage of this project to the Committee before it goes live on the Website. This is an ongoing project, with other items of liturgical material and interest being made accessible via the webpage as and when it becomes available. The page can be accessed at www.ireland.anglican.org/worship.   

The second morning the Committee welcomed Mr. Colm Murray of the Heritage Council and Dean Leslie Forrest, each of whom gave a presentation to aid the Committee's consideration of Liturgical Space. The sub-group of the LAC looking at how to achieve and maintain best practice when considering the reordering of churches will report back to the Committee at its next meeting.

In other business, a report was received from the Church of England's Diocesan Liturgical Committee's Day Conference, and plans were presented for the Regional DLO's meetings. Also, one of the two vacancies on the Committee was filled by the co-option of Julie Bell.

The next meeting is scheduled for January 29th.

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