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Marriage Council Member Becomes Published Author

Glynis Good, a member of the Church of Ireland Marriage Council and trained relationship counsellor, has just published 'When Parents Split', a book advising adolescents on how to deal with the emotional and practical aspects of a separation.

It's the first book of its kind in Ireland where every week, two hundred families will split up. This can lead to a confusing time for teenagers who are caught between being the child in the family and trying to relate to the situation and everyone involved with a mature attitude.

'When Parents Split', offers support, information and encouragement for adolescents in this situation but parents, teachers and guidance counsellors will also find it helpful.

Glynis Good has worked for the past ten years with Marriage and Relationship Counselling Services (MRCS) in Dublin . She currently works with the `Teen Between' programme which specialises in counselling for teenagers whose parents have separated or are divorced. She is married with four children and lives in Dublin.

'When Parents Split', is available from all good bookshops and online from www.blackhallpublishing.com