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At its annual two day meeting on Tuesday and Wednesday, 11th & 12th December 2007, the Liturgical Advisory Committee, chaired by Bishop Harold Miller, welcomed Robert Ferris to his first meeting as the CITC representative to the LAC. The meeting also noted, due to pressure of other commitments, that the Revd. Raymond Fox felt unable to take up his position on the LAC.

Amongst the items discussed at the meeting was the publication of the "Institution of an Incumbent" service booklet. Anyone wishing to obtain copies can order them from the Resource Centre (€3.50) and The Good Bookshop (£2.50).

The Committee gave further consideration to the subject of Eucharistic Food, and meeting the needs of those who suffer from allergies to wheat or alcohol. In the light of recent changes in both the North and the Republic to the civil marriage legislation, and in particular the required declaration of no impediment, the LAC began drafting a resolution to go before the General Synod 2008 to amend Marriage Services One and Two in the Book of Common Prayer 2004 in line with the requirements of the new legislation. If passed, this would then come before Synod as a Bill in 2009.

The liturgical formation programme entitled "PRISM" came before the Committee with its recent amendments, and pending final approval at its next meeting,should be ready to go to print early next year. Likewise the next stage in the Psalter project will come before the Committee at its next meeting.

The LAC is also working towards facilitating a debate about the use of liturgical space.

Finally, since the resignation of Chris Woods, the LAC has operated without a Chaplain to its meetings. The Revd. Elizabeth Hanna was elected to fill the vacancy and we look forward to her ministry to the Committee.

The next meeting of the LAC is planned for February 22nd.