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Priorities Fund News - Allocations 2001

2001 Allocations from 2000 Fund

CACTM - Support and training of men and women for the Ministry £25,000
Theological College - Recruitment and selection of Ordinands £6,500
Theological College - In-service training of Clergy and Laity £5,000
House of Bishops - In-service training in each Diocese £35,000
Church's Ministry of Healing - Extension of Ministry and conferences for clergy and laity £6,000
GS Council for the Church Overseas - To assist with the funding of a Mission Resource Person for the Church of Ireland, for the opening 3 years of the new Millennium £10,000


C of I Pensions Board - Additional income for most needy £12,708
C of I Pensions Board - Retired Chaplain £441


GS Board of Education (NI) - Funding to enable the development of Children's Ministry £7,500
GS Board of Education (RI) - Funding for the development of a new primary religious education programme £20,000
The Girls' Friendly Society - On-going education for the children and young people of the Church of Ireland £3,000
Church of Ireland Youth Department - To help with the development of plans to facilitate and deliver a youth ministry to the Church of Ireland nationally
(The above grant to CIYD is given with the proviso that up to 50% is allocated for youth projects at a Diocesan/Parochial level, the balance being for CIYD's own projects.)
Education Sub-committee Sectarianism Committee - To assist with the funding of a proposed Education Programme on Sectarianism £20,000
Dublin Diocesan Church Music Committee - To assist with the training of church musicians £2,000
The Mothers' Union - To assist with funding for community based parenting courses throughout Ireland, facilitated by Mothers' Union members £6,000
Recorded Church Music Committee - Funding for the provision of CD's/tapes of hymns from the revised    Church Hymnal, to assist in the general worship of the Church £6,500
Hymnal Revision Committee - To help with the costs of producing a Braille edition of the Church Hymnal, in the Braille Department of H.M. Prison, Maghaberry £2,500
Diocese of Meath and Kildare - Funding to assist applicants to participate in the Pastoral Studies Course £2,000
Magnificent Seven - Derry and Raphoe - To help with the development of the Magnificent Seven Youth Initiative in the cross-border diocese of Derry and Raphoe [£10,000]*
New Beginnings Ireland - To alleviate deficit on youth mission trip to Florida during summer 2000 [£1,000]*
Central Communications Board - Financial assistance for the posts of Director of Communications in Dublin and Media Officer in Belfast £22,500


PACT (Protestant Adoption Society), Dublin - Provision of an adoption and post-adoption service for the Protestant community and a non-denominational unplanned pregnancy service £12,000
C of I Board for Social Responsibility (NI) - To allow social work services to be maintained, covering adoption, counselling and training courses for clergy £17,000
The Mageough Home, Dublin - To assist with funding for the upgrading of houses for elderly ladies £7,500
St John's House of Rest, Dublin - Funding for the installation of a new gas main and modification of boiler £2,500
Harcourt Home, Dublin - To assist with the cost of overhauling or replacing heating system £5,000
C of I Gazette - Funding to maintain and develop the website and help with distribution costs in the Republic £7,000
Corrymeela Community, Belfast - To help with the cost of publishing a new Worship Book, for use in cross-community programmes at the Centre £3,500
PAKT Lurgan - To assist with the provision of an efficient volunteer training programme, enabling the reduction of paid staff £10,000
Care in Crisis, Lurgan - To obtain funding for the 'Love for Life' education programme for young people £2,500
Central Belfast Contact Centre - To obtain essential seed funding for a Contact Centre, where children of separated families can meet with one or both parents, in a safe and compatible environment £5,000
C of I Association of Deaf People - To help sustain the needs of deaf people, especially in the education area £2,400


Armagh St Mary's Parish, Aghavilly - To assist with the building of a new parish hall beside the church £5,000
Clogher Magheracross Parish - To assist with the cost of setting up a Youth Drop-in Centre [£5,000]*
Connor Glenavy Parish - Funding for the purpose of developing opportunities for Christian witness, in an area of tension £5,000
Connor Greenisland Parish - To help with the provision of new kitchen facilities in the Parish Centre, for use by both parish and community £5,000
Cork Kinneigh Union - To assist with the purchase of a 'Portakabin' for the sole purpose of providing Sunday School accommodation £2,000
Derry St Columb's Cathedral, Londonderry - To assist with funding for the Two Cathedrals' Festival £5,000
Down Ballyholme Parish - To give assistance towards the cost of sending a team of young people to Capetown, to work on a reconciliation project [£1,500]*
Dromore Christ Church, Kilkeel - To finish the building and setting up of a new drop-in Centre, providing a safe environment in which young adults of all communities may meet [£2,500]*
Dromore St John's Parish, Moira - To assist with the cost of establishing a community based drop-in Centre, to provide a safe environment for young people [£2,000]*
Ferns St Iberius Church, Wexford - To assist with the provision of much needed kitchen and toilet facilities, in a church that is a centre for community and reconciliation £5,000
Ferns St Mary's Church, New Ross - To help with the alterations of a store room at the rear of the church, for use as Sunday School accommodation £2,000
Glendalough Dunganstown Union - Funding for a parish mobile home, to provide free holiday accommodation for clergy and their families £2,000
Ross Ross Union - To assist with the renovation of a coachman's cottage at the Deanery, to facilitate its use for the development of the ministry, life and outreach of the church £5,000


Derry and Raphoe Action - This group exists to create self confidence and encourage community development processes within rural Protestant communities in the counties Londonderry, Tyrone and Donegal. £5,000
Kill O'the Grange Parish, (Dublin Diocese) - To build upon and further reconciliation/peace building, on a North/South and Church of Ireland/Roman Catholic framework £2,500
Sixmilecross & Termonmaguirke Parishes, (Armagh Diocese) - To assist with funding for an annual Community Festival, which will celebrate both Protestant and Roman Catholic expressions of music and culture £5,000
Sydenham Cross Community Group, (Down Diocese) - To help with the development of a drop-in centre and community cafe, where the local churches can work together with the community to tackle the many problems in the area £9,000
Think Again - Diocese of Down & Dromore - To help finance the 'Think Again Initiative' (Renewing the Church 2000-2005), in its outworkings in the parishes of the Diocese. £12,000





* See Church of Ireland Youth Department allocation