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Bishops’ Appeal reports on projects in Harvest newsletter

The Bishops’ Appeal Harvest Newsletter is now available here with stories of how your giving is making a difference in sub–Saharan Africa, the Middle East and South Asia.  In particular, the newsletter highlights support for:

– maize farming cooperatives in Burundi, from the Diocese of Cork, Cloyne and Ross;

– ante–natal care and education in Burkina Faso;

– vulnerable people in Lebanon left at greater risk following the Beirut explosion;

– training and equipment for farmers in Nepal who were formerly bonded labourers;

– people struggling with the Covid–19 pandemic and lockdown in Uganda

Two resources for Harvest are also promoted:

– a reflection from Bishops’ Appeal (which mentions the Great Green Wall initiative, endorsed by the Archbishops of Armagh in their Christmas broadcast last year); and

– Tearfund Ireland’s all–age Harvest service pack based on their work in Ethiopia, which is partly funded by Bishops’ Appeal.

Check out the video below for inspiration and encouragement:

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Bishops’ Appeal

Bishops’ Appeal is the Church of Ireland’s World Aid and Development Programme. It was set up by the Bishops of the Church in response to the commands in the Bible to bring good news to the poor and relief to the suffering.

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