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A Prayer for Disestablishment 150

A Prayer for Disestablishment 150

Almighty God, we give you thanks and praise for the life of faith in the weave of the world, for the flame of courage in the heart of the migrant and for the colour of creation in the exuberance of nature.

Father, give us grace as we pray to you in faith.

As your children, we seek to be your servants on earth committed to the dignity of all creation, loving our neighbours as we love you and as you equip us to love ourselves.

Son, give us grace as we pray to you in hope.

Give us hearts to find you, minds to question you and hearts do your work of mission and ministry, of justice and healing within and without the church.

Holy Spirit, give us grace as we pray to you in love.

Commission afresh the Church of Ireland in a time of renewed response to an ever–changing world. Keep us true to our calling, free to shape our own future, respectful of our inherited traditions as we celebrate with others one hundred and fifty years of Disestablishment and beyond.

Holy Trinity, give us grace as we pray to you in faith, in hope and in love.

This we ask in the truth that sets us free and in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

   The Most Reverend Dr Michael Jackson, Archbishop of Dublin
                  February 20th 2018

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