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Chapters 1 – XVI

Chapters 1 – XVI

Here you will find links to download the individual chapters of the Constitution of the Church of Ireland as PDF Files.

Chapter I – The General Synod

Chapter II – Dioceses & Diocesan Organisation

Chapter III – Parishes & Parochial Organisation

Chapter IV – Appointment to & Tenure of Cures

Chapter V – Cure of Souls in Parishes having no Parish Church, but in which there are Proprietary or Other Non–Parochial Churches

Chapter VI – Archbishops & Bishops

Chapter VII – Cathedrals

Chapter VIII – Ecclesiastical Tribunals, Offences, Sentences, Faculties & Registries

Chapter IX – The Canons

Chapter X – The Representative Body

Chapter XI – Central Church Fund

Chapter XII – Management of Burial Grounds

Chapter XIII – Management of Glebes & Other Land and Buildings

Chapter XIV – The Church of Ireland Clergy Pensions Fund

Chapter XV – The Supplemental Fund

Chapter XVI – Ministry with Children

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