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The Trustee Churches (Ireland) Act, 1884 sections 1–5

The Trustee Churches (Ireland) Act, 1884 sections 1–5


1. It shall be lawful for the trustees or other governing body of any such *church or chapel as aforesaid, by instrument under their hands, to transfer to the representative church body of the said church (with its consent) all or any part of the property vested in them for the purposes of such church or chapel, and thereupon the same shall vest in and be held by the said representative body upon the trusts for the time being applicable thereto.

2. It shall be lawful for any such trustees or other governing body as aforesaid by any unanimous resolution to put an end to any trust now or for the time being subsisting with respect to such church or chapel, and to vest the same and any other property subject to such trust in the said Representative Body, or any other person or persons or body corporate, and to define the future trusts thereof, either by assimilating the same to the regulations affecting other similar property in the same diocese, or in any other manner for the benefit of the said Irish Church which may be sanctioned by the chief legislative authority for the time being of the said church.

3. No such resolution shall be valid until it shall have been accepted and recorded in such manner as the said chief legislative authority may direct; and no such resolution which affects or purports to affect any right of patronage or presentation to any such church or chapel shall be so accepted or recorded without the consent in writing of the patron or patrons thereof.

4. Every such resolution when duly accepted and recorded shall be applicable to the said church or chapel and the property and affairs thereof, and shall be valid and binding to all intents and purposes, anything in the said recited Acts of Parliament, or any of them, or in the instrument forming the trusts relating to such church or chapel or property, to the contrary notwithstanding.

5. Nothing contained in this Act shall affect any powers of revocation attached to any trust to which this Act applies, or prevent any person having such power, or having a right to take or resume the possession of any property affected by such trust, from exercising such power or right.