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Property Committee

Property Committee

The role of the Property Committee is:

  • to process all matters affecting glebes, churches, parochial buildings and graveyards vested in the Representative Body in accordance with statutory responsibilities as laid down in the Constitution,
  • to manage the buildings directly under the control of the Representative Body,
  • to co–ordinate with diocesan see house committees and care for see houses and all residences provided for the use of church officers,
  • to care for all properties assigned by the Representative Body for the use and occupation of retired clergy and widows,
  • to assist and provide guidance in the planning and disposal of redundant churches and the contents thereof,
  • to provide technical support and advice to parishes and dioceses, to maintain property records and registers and generally report to the Executive Committee or to the Representative Body as appropriate.

Representatives of the dioceses, who are members of the Representative Body, are entitled to attend meetings of the Property Committee when relevant diocesan property matters are under consideration.