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Executive Committee

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee has an overall responsibility to protect the interests of the Representative Body and its trusts, to consider and, if thought fit, to give approval to the recommendations of the subsidiary committees, to give formal approval to routine property and trust transactions, to formulate legislative proposals and policy for approval, to liaise with other central organisations and dioceses and to deal with all matters affecting the employment and remuneration of staff including specialist appointments where the Representative Body is a party to any contract of employment.

Copies of Executive Committee agendas and notification of decisions are issued to all members of the Representative Body. Members of the Representative Body may submit their views in writing to the Chief Officer and Secretary on any item appearing on an agenda.

The Executive Committee meets regularly during the year, consists of the following persons:


Deputy Chairman of the Representative Body 


Archbishop of Armagh 
Archbishop of Dublin
Chairman of Allocations Committee
Chairman of Investment Committee
Chairman of Property Committee
Chairman of Stipends Committee
8 persons elected triennially by the Representative Body (1 bishop, 3 clergy and 4 lay persons)