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Webmaster Technical Information

Webmaster Technical Information

The files contained within this guidance area are designed for both beginners, and more experienced webmasters. The information they give is specific to our system, but does also include many general concepts that you may already be familiar with.

If you have any suggestions on the content of these pages, or specific problems please contact Church of Ireland Hosting Services.

It is highly recommended that you initiate a regular website backup schedule. 

The simplest way to do this is by downloading the contents of your /htdocs folder to your computer or backup device via FTP.
Detailed instruction on downloading files and folders via an FTP client is available on this link: How to Backup your HTDOCS folder

If you have a MySQL database it is highly recommended that you take regular backups of this also.
If you log on to your phpMyAdmin panel (https://mysql.prositehosting.co.uk/), with the information supplied for your database, you may simply export your your database to a SQL file.
You may use a programme such as MySQL Workbench to take backups. Full instructions on taking a backup using Workbench will be available shortly

We strongly recommend that you create regular backups of your database so it can be easily and quickly recovered in the unlikely event that your data is lost or becomes corrupted.

Content Management Systems
If you use WordPress as your content management system, it is recommended that you keep both the WordPress install and any Plugins up to date.  In this image, you can see there are 6 plugins needing to be updated, and WordPress itself is calling for an upgrade to 4.5.3.
The dashboard will take you through the automated update process.

WordPress dashboard requesting 6 plugin updates and an update to WordPress 4.5.3
WordPress dashboard requesting 6 plugin updates and an update to WordPress 4.5.3


Uploading files using FTP

Understanding the File System

How to Backup your HTDOCS folder


Website Hosting Terms and Conditions

Copyright and the web

Using images of children on websites