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Email Addresses

Email Addresses

Some years ago the Internet Committee of the Central Communications Board set up the facility to use a centralized domain called Anglican.org (e.g. Church of Ireland website – www.ireland.anglican.org ). This means that we use a similar domain structure to other members of the Anglican Communion (e.g. www.canada.anglican.org, www.australia.anglican.org, www.england.anglican.org).

This domain is also used for e–mail addresses.

The normal convention for official clergy e–mail addresses is ‹parish>@‹diocese›.anglican.org, or ‹post›.‹parish›@‹diocese›.anglican.org.

This allows clergy to use a centralized e–mail naming convention that has become known to the wider church, and provides the facility to have a ‘public’ e–mail address.

It works by forwarding e–mails to your actual e–mail address, so you still only have to manage one e–mail account.

If you wish to have an official Church of Ireland e–mail address set up, please send a request to Hosting stating your name, parish, post and current e–mail address. An e–mail address will then be set up which will forward your official e–mails to your private email address.

These email addresses are forwarders only.  If you wish to ‘Send As’, your email system may allow you to set up an alias.  Please view your email system’s help files for more information.