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Charity Resources

Information relating to Charities Legislation as it impacts parishes in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland is located in this section.

All parishes in Northern Ireland have now completed registration with the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland (CCNI).  The next step, the process of reporting, will be supported by guidance on the format for accounts and financial reports and activity reports supplied by Church House in consultation with the CCNI and the dioceses.

The Primate, the Most Revd Dr Richard Clarke congratulated the select vestries on their consistent effort so far. “The commitment of members of the select vestries as they engaged with this registration process has been excellent and the Church is indebted to those who undertook the task of gathering and submitting the information.”

In the Republic of Ireland, the Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA) has indicated that a similar managed registration process for Church of Ireland bodies will begin in early 2017 (date to be announced). In the meantime, the CRA has acknowledged the central list compiled by the Church of Ireland which was submitted by the April 2016 deadline.

Church of Ireland bodies, including local trustees of parish assets, may find they have questions relating to the registration process or other aspects of charity status. These may be directed to Joanne Richards in Church House, Dublin on +353 1 4125 660 or charityreg@rcbdub.org.

 Some additional useful information can be found via the following links:

All Charities Legislation resources are available in the Document Library.

Republic of Ireland
The draft accounting and reporting consultation process has been opened by The Charities Regulator.
This consultation process is of critical importance to Church of Ireland Parishes throughout the Republic of Ireland. One of the key issues being consulted on, is the income threshold for audit, this is currently set at €100,000. This threshold brings many Parishes in the Church of Ireland into the scope of an audit and places additional expenses on Parishes.
This suggested response sets out the Church of Ireland recommendation for revised thresholds. It is vital that the Church of Ireland as a whole responds to this consultation process in order to effect change on the threshold levels.
The closing date for response to this consultation process is 8th November 2016.
To download the draft response, please click here.