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Commission on Ministry

Commission on Ministry

The Commission on Ministry was established by the General Synod in 1996.  In accordance with its terms of reference, the Commission makes recommendations concerning the Christian Ministry, both lay and ordained.  This includes the deployment of stipendiary and non–stipendiary clergy, and where applicable ordained local ministers also, appropriate to the requirements of the Church of Ireland in the future.  Matters relating to ministry may be referred to the Commission by the House of Bishops, the Standing Committee and the Representative Church Body.

Membership of the Commission consists of up to three bishops, three clerical and three lay members of the General Synod elected triennially, two members of the Representative Body, one member of the Pensions Board and Standing Committee, and one Honorary Secretary of the General Synod.  There are three co–opted members. 

The Director of the Theological Institute is an ex–officio member.

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