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Commission for Christian Unity and Dialogue

Commission for Christian Unity and Dialogue

The Commission for Christian Unity and Dialogue was first established by the General Synod as the Home Reunion Committee in 1905 and assumed its current name in 2007.  The Commission was previously known as the Committee for Christian Unity.  Its aims are:

  • To promote within the Church of Ireland the vision of Church unity.

  • To promote and support movements in Ireland towards co–operation among the various Christian bodies.

  • To maintain Church of Ireland membership of, and participation in, national and international ecumenical bodies.

  • To address, in consultation with the Standing Committee, developments within the Anglican Communion.

  • To encourage and engage in inter–faith encounter and dialogue.

  • To report annually to the General Synod.

The membership consists of up to 20 members elected annually by the General Synod.

The Church of Ireland has a rich network of relationships with fellow Anglican churches and other Christian traditions within Ireland and overseas.  It is a member of the Anglican Communion and the following ecumenical networks:

As an observer on the Meissen Commission, the Church also has links with the Evangelical Church in Germany.

The Commission for Christian Unity and Dialogue’s three working groups focus on Anglican, European and inter–faith matters.

The Anglican Affairs Working Group considers the Church’s relations within the Anglican Communion and within the Porvoo Communion, and with the Moravian Church.  More information on the Anglican Communion is available at www.anglicancommunion.org

The European Affairs Working Group works closely with the ICC’s European Affairs Committee and the CEC to discuss and consider common concerns for European Churches.  The Inter–Faith Working Group seeks to build relationships and encourage dialogue with people from other faiths who are living in Ireland.

The Church of Ireland is in full communion with the other members of the Anglican Communion and Porvoo Communion, the Methodist Church in Ireland, the Union of Utrecht of the Old Catholic Churches, and the Mar Thoma Syrian Church.  Relations between the Church of Ireland and the Methodist Church in Ireland are covered by the Covenant Council.

The Commission’s members attend the annual conferences of other Christian denominations in Ireland and hold regular meetings with the Roman Catholic Church and with the Presbyterian Church. 

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